Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

1. How many sessions would be needed?

No exact answer can be given to this query as the number of the required sessions in each incident may vary. However, surveys taken on that field have proven that the minimum cycle of sessions required in physiotherapy are ten. For some incidents - due to their seriousness - a doctor may order fifteen or even twenty sessions. There are also long-term incidents in which the number of treatments is being evaluated on the basis of the incident.

2. How often the therapeutic sessions should be taken?

Physiotherapy can be done everyday without any problem. There is no limitation for how many therapeutic sessions can be taken in a row. However, there is a limitation in the number of sessions which can be done in a week. Surveys have prove that in order physiotherapy to be effective should be taken at least three times a week. Fewer sessions will end up against the therapy itself as long periods of time in between sessions will allow any inflammation to return.

3. Is the result of physiotherapy permanent?

In our centre we use to say that if a patient come back to us with the same problem, only two things may have happened:
A. Something wasn't done correctly.
B. Patient didn't follow the given instructions.
In all the cases where a patient came back to our centre with the same problem the admittance of non-compliance with instructions was universal.
However, of course this might not be the case for long-term issues which need re-treatment every six months to avoid disturbance.

4. Can physiotherapy aggravate my problem?

Physiotherapy as its greek etymological root says ('physio' in Greek stands as a prefix used to indicate something 'Physical' or 'natural') is being based upon physical means (electricity, audio et cetera). Thus, the way it affects the human body - when applied correctly - cannot affect the body in a negative way. As is usually being said, physiotherapy has the capacity to reduce symptoms significantly or even eliminate them but not the capacity to intensify them.

5. Is physiotherapy painful;

In all our treatments a main concern is the reduction of pain for our patient. Only in some cases, like rigidities, the treatment is being carried out in the limits of pain for the human body.

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