New, high-tech device using shocking waves. The latest development for tendonitis, calcification of supraspinatus tendon and other calcium infiltrations to tendons treatments and the basic treatment in calcaneal (heel) spur.

Our shockwave
Our shockwave

The latest devolopment in the field of Lasers. The power of the radius can now reach the 7W. In this intensity, the treatment of inflammations is easier and faster as the radius now affects the physiology of the body area deeper, increasing that way the efficiency.

High Power Laser

The kinetic analysis and scientific construction of orthopedical soles. With high-tech electronic equipment there is a digital print of the foot and its problems. Restoration with orthopedic soles especially made for each individual analysis:

>for kids with orthopedic problems,

>for diabetic patients to prevent ulcers.

>for athletes of all sports

>for feet deformities

>for pains in the knees, hips, lower back, generated from the wrong posture of the feet

>for tired feet, for those who stand for several hours a day


specialized equipment

Specialized equipment (SHOCKWAVE)


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